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The union of Peza, is receptor of many tourists-sightseers, who tours in the hinterland in traditional settlements, agro-cooperatives, factories etc., finding out the way of life of rural regions, the  products and their production.

The company, created an exhibition in the old bottling section of the factory.

This museum is specifically drawn to the ones that want to find out, all about the diachronic evolution, and course of rural products of the region up today, how they’ve been produced and even get the opportunity to try all this great variety of products, making them well known in the rest of the world.    


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Kalloni Pediados, GR-70100

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Kalloni, Heraklion

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(+30) 2810 741945-7

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(+30) 2810741528

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MON-SAT: 09:00-17:00

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• Free entrance

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