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In the first period of its operation, the  gallery presented just a part of the collection of art that the Municipality of Chania manage to acquire during the years. Later, the general idea was to begin operating as a Municipal Art Gallery.

At the same time, became an effort to approach the historical character of the existing collection, to discover the course of art of the local artists, in a historical aspect.

However, the collection of Municipality Chania numbers today many artists works, that for maintenance purposes, restoration etc, was not possible to be exposed.

The next move for the Municipality of Chania, is to designate the gallery as an institute of protection and rescue of culture with a wider possible significance, than just a museum of art. A centre of art, where several fields of: art, science and speech can exist together, seeking each others subscription, in order to become feasible the realisation of objectives and visions that each one of these fields of Human's spirit expression can offer to the society.


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98-102, Chalidon Str. GR-73100

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(+30) 2821092294, (+30) 2821092419

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(+30) 2821092294

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MON-SAT:  10:00-14:00 & 18:00-21:00
SUN:  Closed

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• General admission: Full: €2, Reduced: €1

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