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Monastery under the Patriarch's jurisdiction, that was founded rather the 16th century. It had an important role in the Cretan revolutions and in the revolution 1866, when it was a shelter and the headquarters of the rebels. It use to be a very rich Monastery with big property. In 1831 were founded there the first Greek Faculty.

In the collection of the Monastery are included: Collection of pictures, vestments, ecclesiastical utensils, heirlooms.

The most important exhibits of Museum are: a signet-Declaration in membrane of the Monastery being under the Patriarch's jurisdiction (1798), a gold plated cross of benediction with silver and colourful enamel and semi-precious stones (1708), a silver tied Gospel (1807), Gospel with cover from gold plated silver (1847), gold plated grail with cover (1847).


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Preveli Monastery

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Prevel, Rethymnon

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(+30) 2832031246

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APR-MAY:   MON-SUN:  09:00-18:00
JUN-OCT:  MON-SUN:  09:00-13:30 & 15:30-19:00


Admission Fee  Admission Fee:

• General admission: 2,50 €

Notes  Notes:

• Wheelchair friendly
• Parking
• Small canteen store selling drinks etc.





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