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Eileithyia was a goddess that protected childbirth and this cave was the most important place of her worship. According to tradition she was born by Hera inside this cave, which is also mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey (t 188). The finds prove that it was continuously used from Neolithic until late Roman times, with more intensive occupation noted for the Neolithic, Minoan, and late Roman periods. Evidence for cult practice in the Early Christian times (5th century A.D.) also exists.

Restricted research was carried out in 1885 by Joseph Chatzidakis. The site was systematically excavated by Spyridon Marinatos in 1929-1938.


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Amnissos, Heraklion

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(+30) 2810762761

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MON-SUN: 08:00-15:00
(by Appointment with the guard of "Nirou Megaron")

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MON-SUN: 08:30-15:00
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