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The Archaeological Collection of Neapoli was created before World War II and within two years included around 1000 items, found mostly in the area of Mirambello and in other sites of the Prefecture. During the Italian rule, thanks to the efforts of Emmanouel Mavroeidis (then extraordinary curator of Antiquities) the Collection was protected in the underground of the Institute. Today it is housed in a building ceded to the Ministry of Culture by the Ministry of Health and the Municipality. The Collection is temporarily closed to the public.

The most important exhibits of Museum are: Inscription in four lines and two lines on limestone, the Inscription in four lines on iron-stone, the Bronze figurine of a bull, the marble female statue and the Marble headless female statue from the ancient city Of Lato in Agios Nikolaos.


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Neapolis, Lasithi

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(+30) 2841022462, (+30) 2842028721

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