Excursion date: 30/10/2020
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Operates: Every Day.  

Santorini One Day Trip (by SEAJETS Highspeed boat, Ex Heraklion port).


Visit the unique island of Santorini with the Volcano, the breathtaking views and swim in its crystal clear waters.

Pick-up's from:
Malia, Stalis, Hersonissos (port), Piskopiano, Anissaras, Analipsis, Gouves, Gournes, Kokkini Hani, Heraklion (port), Amoudara (Gazi, Heraklion), Lygaria, Agia Pelagia. [on the next step of the booking, you can see specific pick-up points & times]

Departing Port:  

Operating Days: 
Every Day.

English, French, German, Polish, Russian: All days. Czech: every Tuesday. Romanian: every Thursday.

Tour includes:
Pick-up service at or near your hotel & return, Boat tickets (High Speed boat), Santorini guided tour.

Extra Fees (not included in the price)
Extras payable on the spot: Meals & Drinks, Excursion to the Volcano (optional / 16 Euros book & pay at the vessel's reception)
Extras payable on our website: Upgrade to Platinum* Seats class on the boat  [Spacious, comfortable, leather chairs, in less crowded deck] (optional)

* Platinum seats
The participants have the option of travelling in the luxurious Platinum Lounge with a limited number of seats on Champion Jet. A member of the crew will be available to their service during the whole trip and welcome them by offering a treat including a juice or coffee and a fresh sandwich. Additional charge: 45€ / person  (the additional price applies same for both adults and children. The infants are free)

Tour highlights:
Boat trip, Swimming, Sightseeing in Oia, Fira.

North of Crete.

10 hours approximately (from/to Heraklion port).


Santorini is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek islands. It is located between Ios and Anafi islands. It is famous for dramatic views, stunning sunsets from Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant) and off course Fava, the town of Fira, Oia and naturally its very own active volcano. The wine lovers will find the island also fasinating, having 13 official wineries. There are naturally fantastic beaches such as the beach of Perissa, maybe the best beach in Santorini, the black pebble beach of Kamari, white beach and red beach.

Age Definition:
Adults: Over 10 years old  (Full fare)
Children: 4-10 years old  (50% discount)
Infants: 0-3 years old  (Free of charge)

Booking Guiding Lines:
► Please leave in booking comments box what language group you prefer to be in
► If your are booking a child or an infant, leave in comments box the dates of birth
IMPORTANT UPDATE: leave in the comments box, the following information per passenger, as it's been required by the Greek Law, applicable after July 30th, 2020 due to COVID-19 measurements: Full Names (Family & Given), Sex, Nationality, date of birth.
► The displayed cost of any extra services, is the total for all participating passengers



This excursion includes in its price: Your transfer r/t from your hotel to the port of Heraklion, the cost of the cruise with all land arrangements on the island of Santorini. The Adult Fare is applied to passengers from any age above 10 years old. The Child Fare applies to children between 4 and 10 years old (50% discount) and the Infant Fare to any child under 4 years old (Free of Charge).



Just to help you see which pick-up suits best, here's a table of hotel accommodations and their nearest pick-up's:


MALIA - STALIS *daily Solimar, Crystalli Hotel Filipidis s/m 06:10
Triton Garden, Nikos Hotel Nikos Hotel  06:10
Mallia Bay, Phedra, Ampelos, Carolina Mare Malia Bay 06:15
Mallia Park Malia Park (main road) 06:15
Sirens, Cretan Family Apts, Ruby Solimar Sirens (main road) 06:15
Bella Elena Apts, Danaides Apts, Krystaly, Villa Contessa Malia Church 06:20
Aegean Sky, Aeolos Beach, Ammos Apts, Argo Studios, Dessole, Drosia Palms Htl, Maliatim Apts, Minoa Htl, Stelios Garden, Theodosis Apts, Giannis-Manos Apts, High Beach, Malia Holidays, Malia Beach, Malia Mare, Golden Bay, Aristotelis, Triton  Drossia or Mc Donalds 06:25
Amvrossia, Akrogiali Apts, Parthenis Beach, Socrates, Windmill Apts, Theo Star Apts, Meropi Amvrossia (main road) 06:25
Kernos, Sunset, Elli Apts, Anastasia, Armonia, Ikaros Village, Matheo Kernos (main road) / Ikaros 06:25
Arlekin Tango Htl, Alexander Beach, Ran Mari Apts,Kyknos Beach,Niko- Helen, Seriani, Litsa- Efi Alexander Beach 06:30
Cactus Royal, Cactus Beach, Sofokles, Aggelo hotel, Ariadne Beach,Alkyonides, Christana Beach, Neon Cactus Royal 06:30
Aktia Lounge Htl, Katerina Apts, Villa Aphrodite (stalida), Sequl Htl, Melina Apts, Latania, Irilena Apts, Zervas Htl, Anthoussa Beach, Zefyros I Resort h or Actia (main road) 06:30
Eleni Beach Apts, Katrin Suites, La Luna, Vasilakis Htl, Koni Htl,  Iraklis Apts, Sunny Beach, Residence Villas, Villa Malia Mochos Cross Road 06:35
Iliotropio, Papas, Stalis Htl&Apts, Stefania Htl Stalis b/s 06:40
Katrin, Blue Sea, Bella Vista Apts, Dionysos Std&Apts, Maistrali, Marlena Htl, Niki Apts, Paloma Garden, Vilianna, Summer Memories Blue Sea 06:40
Horizon, Nana Beach, Stelios Horizon, Irida Htl&Apts, Grand hotel, Arminda, Semiramis, Iro Htl. Nana Beach 06:40
Village Htl & Waterpark, Village Resort, Mediterraneo, Mare Blue, Golden Villas Mediterraneo (main road) 06:40
HERSONISSOS *daily Star Beach, Aquasun Village, Iliostasi Beach, Irene Village, King Minos Palace, Miami Village Htl&Apts, Dimitra, Sunshine, Villa Vicky,  Zeus Htl, Villa Myrto, Sun and Sea, Belvedere, King Minos, Esperides, Eri Beach, Adams Apts, Ida village, Petra, Sun village Belvedere bus stop / Eris Bus Stop 06:45
Ariane Apts, Armava htl, Silva Beach, Golden Beach, Elmi Suites, Lovely Holidays, Harma Boutique Htl, Evin, Evelin Silva Beach 06:45
Pela Maria, Melpo Htl, Sergios, Mari Kristin, Glaros Pela Maria 06:45
Solano, Adamakis Htl, Averinos, Kahlua Beach, Nancy Htl, Indigo Inn Htl, Diamond Apts, Memory hotel, Dimitrion, Anna Htl, Blue Island, Dimico, Flisvos Beach, Hersonissos center, Niki Hotel, Palmera, Venus Melena National Bank 06:45
Ilios Htl, Lefteris Htl, Viva Island, Velos Hotel, Palatia Village, Apollo(Her), Agrabella, Bellos hotel, Mika Apts, Paladio, Porto village,Vaso hotel  Spar s/m (Halkiadakis)  06:45
Pigadi Piskopiano, Petra Village, Korifi Suites, Amazones, Asterias Vill Htl, Marni, Matteus Apts, Stelva  Pigadi Piskopiano 06:50
Heronissos, Akropolis Apts, Antinoos Htl, Miramare(her), Artemis,  Hersonissos Palace, Maragakis  Mathioudakis 06:55
Albatros, Marianna, Villa Sonia Albatros 06:55
Bravo Maris, Villa Elit, Alia Beach, Ifigeneia Apts, Creta Maris, Hersonissos Maris, Tera maris  Creta Maris bus stop 06:55
Hersonissos Village Hersonissos Village 06:55
ANISSARAS *daily Royal Mare, Golden Dream,  Anna Maria village Royal Mare (main road) 07:00
Annabelle Annabelle (main road) 07:00
Knossos Royal Knossos Royal (main road) 07:00
Chrissi Ammoudia, Cretan Garden, Villa Malievi Chrissi Ammoudia (main road) 07:05
Eleonora Apts, Mylos Apts, Cretan Village Cretan Village (reception) 07:05
Galini, Oceanis Galini (main road) 07:05
Laguna Laguna (reception) 07:05
Home Htl, Serita Serita (main road) 07:10
Zorbas Zorbas 07:10
Anissa Beach, Oassis Anissa Beach 07:10
Bella Beach Bella Beach (main road) 07:10
Classic Studios, Lyttos Beach Lyttos Beach (main road) 07:10
Paradise Paradise- cross road 07:10
Costa Mare Costa Mare 07:10
ANALIPSI *daily Anthoula Village Anthoula Village (main road) 07:15
Caldera Palace, Venus Mare Caldera Palace (main road) 07:15
Marina Apts, Maria Apts, Elysium Beach, Danelis, Nana-Angela, Tsalos Htl, Paul Marie Analipsis church 07:15
Golden Star Golden Star 07:15
Miro Kasapakis, Stella Village, Stella Palace, Hasapakis  Stella Vil. -beach main road 07:15
Europa Beach Europa Beach 07:15
GOUVES *daily Amirandes, Despo, Lyda Htl, Irini Htl Amirandes bus stop 07:20
Island, Andreas Apts, Despina Apts Island beach road 07:25
St.Konstantine, Diogenis,Blue Aegean Diogenis beach road 07:25
Gouves Bay, Maya Beach, Cosmi Apts, Gouves Maya, Hara Ilios Hotel, Sweet  Memories  Gouves Church 07:25
Aphrodite, Lambrakis, Kaisa, Maria villa apts  Aphrodite beach road 07:20
Kalia, Magda, Astir Beach, Artemis Apts, Klio, Divina apts,  Gouves park, Marina beach Marina beach road 07:25
Lavris EKO - Lavris 07:30
GOYRNES *daily Golden Bay (Gournes), Kri Kri Gournes Church 07:30
Kritzas Apts Gournes b/s 9 07:30
Coralli beach Coralli beach 07:30
AMNISOS / KOKKINI HANI *daily Blue Sky, Rinella, Themis Beach Rinella (main road) 07:35
Pela mare Hatzis s/m 07:35
Knossos Beach, Konaki, Dimitra Apts Knossos Beach (main road) 07:40
Arina Sand Arina Sand (main road- bus stop) 07:40
Minoa Palace Minoa Palace (main road) 07:50
Erato Erato b/s (main road) 07:50
Karteros, Prince of Lillies Karteros corner 07:50



WEST OF HERAKLEION Happy Cretan Happy Cretan (main road) 06:55
Nicolas Beach/Nicolas Villas Nicolas Villas-Shell gas station- agia pelagia 06:55
Ambelos Apts. Ambelos Apts. (main road) 06:55
Blue Bay, Villa Iliatoras, Peninsula, Eva Mare  Blue Bay (reception) 07:00
Sea side Sea side (reception) 07:00
Perla, Alexander House, Pelagia Bay, Thalia, Capsis Out of Blue, Aquarius, Renia Htl Capsis Out of Blue 07:05
Pela Mare Hotel Pela Mare Ag.Pelagia 07:05
Creta Sun Laundry 07:05
Skala Htl, Irida Htl Eko -Ag. Pelagia Gas Station 07:10
Panorama (her) Panorama (main road) 07:10
Lygaria Lygaria (main road) 07:15
Bellevue Bellevue-National road (sign) 07:20
Athina Palace Athina Palace (reception) 07:20
Spiros-Soula Htl & Apts, Angel Vill. Htl&Apts Angel hotel (main road) 07:20
Apollonia, Poseidon Apollonia (main road- b/s) 07:30
Stork hotel, Yianna Apts, Lambi, Minoas, Dolphin Bay, Lilly, Castro hotel, Arhontiko Dolphin Bay 07:35
Lino Mare, Uncle George, Handakas Htl, Roxani, Marirena Roxani 07:35
Santa Marina Santa Marina (main road) 07:40
Agapi beach, Marilena Agapi beach (main road- taxi station) 07:40
Creta Beach Creta Beach (main road) 07:40
Candia Maris, Miro Sun Ammoudara, Australia, Sun Hotel, Doma Candia Maris (main road) 07:40
Neptuno Neptuno (main road-bus stop) 07:40
Akti Coralli, Tsagarakis Shell gas station 07:40

LET US HELP! Please don't hesitate to contact us, in order to help you out choose the best pick-up that suits you best!



"Naxos Jet" of Seajets Sea Lines is a luxury passenger-vehicle catamaran boat, reaching speeds up to 37 knots, operating the Crete - Santorini route during summertime season. 

Technical characteristics:

► Type of vessel:  Highspeed Passenger Catamaran
► Year of build:  1991
► Country of build:  Australia
► Length:  74 m.
► Width:  26 m.
► Speed:  37 knots
► Passengers:  700
► Vehicles:  75


"Champion Jet 2" of Seajets Sea Lines is a luxury passenger-vehicle catamaran boat, reaching speeds up to 40 knots, operating the Rethymnon - Santorini route during summertime season. 

Technical characteristics:

► Type of vessel:  Highspeed Passenger Catamaran
► Year of build:  1997
► Country of build:  Australia
► Length:  87 m.
► Width:  26 m.
► Speed:  40 knots
► Passengers:  1000
► Vehicles:  200

DISCLAIMER-NOTE: Depending on the time of the season, the sealine decides which boat will be making the trip. 



1. Customers who for any reason fail to participate in our excursions are obliged to inform us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, no refund will be given. Cancelling at least 24 hours prior departure, 100% full refund!
2. VisitCrete.com reserves the right to alter or cancel any tour, due to adverse weather conditions or, insufficient passenger number or, force majeure.




► We do return money in case of bad weather (when the excursion is cancelled by the organizer tour operator).

► IMPORTANT: You need to be at least 10 minutes prior to your pick-up time at your pick-up point.  

► COVID-19: All passengers required to wear masks at all times when in boats and busses or in indoor areas. All passengers should individually fill out the pre-boarding form, required by the Greek law and carry it with them at all times.



For further information or bookings please call at telephone No. (+30) 2810 341560



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Tour Schedule


1. Boarding at the ports of Heraklion

At the port of departure, participants will present their voucher (given by the agency) at the SEAJETS kiosk in order to receive their tickets, a card referring to the right bus number in Santorini and a leaflet in their own language with information about the island and the tour.


2. Arrival in Santorini

The itinerary lasts for 2 hours and the vessel arrives at 10:40. At the port of Santorini, our guides (dressed in a SEAJETS uniform and holding signs with the bus numbers) will welcome the participants and escort them in the right buses.


3. First Stop: Oia

Then, the buses will leave for Oia. In the days of high traffic, the buses will follow a route by the sea on the east side of the island. Depending on the existing traffic in Oia and the timetable of the tour, the participants will stay for approximately 1½ hour. Later on, the bus will depart for the next stop, Fira.


4. Second Stop: Fira

On the way to the town of Fira, the participants will receive interesting information by their guide about the history and the geography of the island, while travelling through a large part of the island by road. At their arrival in Fira, they will spend 1 hour to enjoy the Cycladic view from the Caldera, the paved little alleys and the old traditional houses accompanied by their guide.

Afterwards, the visitors shall meet up at the Cathedral of Fira and they will be informed about the last part of the tour:

 - 1st option : Visit the black sand beach of Perissa for swimming and dinner (only on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY).

 - 2nd option : Visit the Volcano of Santorini (extra charge of 16€). The participants will enjoy the unique beauty of the volcano and have the opportunity to swim in its hot springs.

 * You will receive additional information about the starting date of the volcano tour.

 -3rd option : More free time at the capital of the island, Fira.


5. Arrival in Heraklion

Finally, the participants will return to the vessel where they will be able to enjoy a beautiful view of the Aegean and Cretan sea in the 2 open decks of the Champion Jet vessel.





Departure Time: 08:40

Arrival in Santorini: 10:50

Departure time from Santorini: 16:55

Arrival in Heraklion: 18:55



Time Sight Comments
10:50 Athinios Port
11:15 Oia
13:15 Fira
14:45 Perissa